Cruise Port Rotterdam

Cruise Port Rotterdam is a one-stop office for all matters concerning maritime and tourist services. Cruise Port Rotterdam basically offers these services to visiting cruise liners free of charge. Prior to each call, Cruise Port Rotterdam invites all parties concerned (agent, travel agent, harbor master, Customs, Sea Port Police, Police and Fire Brigade) for a meeting to discuss all wishes and requests. In addition to the general calls and turn-around visits of your cruise ships, we can also assist you on all sorts of matters such as the organization of special events, including press assistance. The port of Rotterdam is in full compliance with the IMO- ISPS guidelines pertaining to safety and Rotterdam has won the approval of the US Coastguard. Cruise Port Rotterdam is fully ISPS certified.

It takes cruise ships about 2 hours to navigate the channel, a senic cruise, that runs from the North Sea to the Cruise Terminal Rotterdam. The terminal is located right in the heart of downtown Rotterdam. Ships can easily turn around in the front of the terminal (turning circle about 340 meters) or Waalhaven (turning circle about 400 meters). In other words the quay and terminal in Rotterdam is ready to receive the largest ships currently in, or being brought into the market.

The historic terminal building, where people left from all over Europe with Holland America Line -just after the 2nd world war - to build a new life in USA,  is modernized. The atmosphere from days long gone has been kept and the terminal is equipped with an automatic covered boarding bridge. The building itself houses a tourist -, shuttle- and taxi information desk. Various stands offer time-honored Dutch handicrafts such as wooden shoe making and hindeloopen painting as well as antiques, souvenirs and many more. All selected on quality and a neat price/quality ratio to accommodate our passengers visiting.

Nowhere else in the Netherlands you’ll find such a variety of Dutch landscapes (even the old masters scenery). From beaches, to polders and countless historic monuments. The historic towns of Delft (porcelain), Gouda (i.e. cheese and ancient stained glass church windows), The Hague (Peace Palace and government), Schiedam (Dutch gin) and Kinderdijk (18 windmills that are on UNESCO's World Heritage list) can all quickly and easily be reached from Rotterdam by public transport, coach or car (30 min). The Maeslantkering at Hoek van Holland, the impressive final section of the Delta Works, is also worth a visit. All within the vicinity of 30 – 45 minutes.

The Cruise Terminal is situated within  20 minutes by HSL train of Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, within the hour of Brussels and somewhat 2 hours from Paris. Within 20 minutes to Rotterdam Airport (direct HUB connections). Antwerp (Belgium) is only one hour away by bus. The neighbouring countries of Belgium, Germany and even France are also close and easily reached by high-speed trains.