Seehafen Kiel

SEEHAFEN KIEL GmbH & Co. KG operates Kiel’s commercial port on behalf of the state capital and is a 100% subsidiary of Kiel.

About 1,5 million cruise and ferry passengers start their trips at Port of Kiel. The port boasts passenger terminals for cruise and ferry ships, Ostseekai, Schwedenkai and Norwegenkai, all right in the city centre. The unique combination which Kiel has to offer - deepwater port, close to Kiel Canal, geographic advantages, excellent terminal infrastructure and accessibility – have all contributed to its becoming the base port of choice for many respected shipping companies. It offers passengers a pleasant stay in modern and comfortable terminal buildings. Sailing boats, big yachts, lighthouses and white beaches all help to conjure up a holiday atmosphere whenever cruise ships leave their berths and head for the open sea. The “City on the fiord” is easily reached by car or bus via an expansive motorway network or by express rail services (ICE). In addition, Hamburg International Airport is just 60 minutes away from Kiel´s ship berths.

2010 was the most successful cruise shipping season ever recorded in the Port of Kiel. During this year’s season, Kiel was visited by 26 different cruise ships a total of 136 times, compared to 114 times in 2009. The number of passengers boarding or leaving ships in Kiel rose to 340,000 this year from 291,000 in 2009.