WP 2

Work Package 1: Management & Coordination

The role of WP 1 is to manage and coordinate the projects activities. It is lead by Port of Hamburg Marketing in cooperation with external support. All Cruise Gateway Partners are part of the Steering Committee (SC) that is equal to the General Assembly (GA). The SC meets twice a year, mostly in combination with a WP 3-meeting. In addition, the Management is responsible for the Financial and Activity Reports to be handed to the Programme’s Secretary every six months.

Work Package 2: Publicity & Communication

The overall aim of WP 2 is to bring the topics and results of CRUISE GATEWAY to public and important institutions of the sector. The activities go from an opening conference in February 2011 in Hamburg, press releases, exhibitions, a leaflet and a brochure, a newsletter, social media activities to a midterm and finally to a closing Event in 2013.

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